Awards Evening, 15th January 2019

We had our official awards evening on Tuesday night.

John Smith was the TOP IMAGE of 2018 Winner with his :  Elie Sea Wall.

Linda Appleby was the TOP PRINT Winner of 2018 with her : Reaching for it.

Nick Lefebvre won Mono Print of 2018 and Linda Appleby also won the Open Colour Print. Lindie Kolver won Digital Nature, Kevin Ho won Digital Mono and John Smith Digital Open Colour.

Highest Aggregate Score for 2018 : Lindie Kolver

John Smith was 2nd, Susie Smith 3rd , Frank Kolver 4th and John Upton 5th (well done John Upton !!!)


by Lindie Kolver, January 19, 2019

Award Night on Tuesday,15th January 2019

Dear Members,

It’s AWARD-NIGHT at the Club tomorrow night – 7 pm

  1. The Winners of the POTY & DIOTY, as well as the Winning Image of the Year, and

 Aggregate Score Winners for 2018 will be made known and Trophies handed out.

      2. The results of the November Competition are out.

      3.  We will have a small gathering afterwards and as usual surnames starting A-I  = SAVOURY plate

            Surnames starting J-Z = SWEET plate.

      4.   Your spouse/partner/wife is most welcome – please bring them along.

      5.   REMEMBER PLEASE : The January Competition closes on WEDNESDAY 16th JANUARY at 5pm. I don’t see a lot

of images in the Competition as yet….hurry up with those submissions.








by Lindie Kolver, January 14, 2019

How to Crop images of People

Dear Members,

I came across this article and thought it might be helpful to post so Photographers,

in the editing process know exactly where to crop the human figure.


Good Crop Bad Crop – How to Crop Portraits

Happy snaps!

P.S. Remember the MONSTER TRUCKS are on at the Wauchope Showgrounds tomorrow, Saturday, 12th January.

Entrance Fee : $35/adult. Great photo opportunity

by Lindie Kolver, January 11, 2019

Images from the Town Beach Shoot









by Lindie Kolver, January 4, 2019

Beach Shoot on Thursday, 3rd January

Dear Members,

 A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to all. May the Light always be good to you and only good things be brought to your door.

I’ve arranged a Beach Shoot – with Models and Props for tomorrow. The 3rd of January at the ungodly hour of 5 am (!not a typo!) at

TOWN BEACH near the OBSERVATION TOWER. We’re chasing the light…first we want the soft light of dawn, then the richer colours of Sunrise

and then , when we have to fight the sun, we’ll be switching to external flash and reflectors.

Please come along with your Camera, external flash , Lens (wide-angle, 70-200, 50mm, 105mm, fixed prime – whatever you’ll think will serve you well) and participate in the Shoot. I have three GORJISSSSSSSS models and they’ll be frolicking, jump-leaping, posing, playing with a ball or frisbee. 

Leave the family at home and come out to Town Beach and enjoy the Shooting Session from 5am-10am. 

Bring your Gear, a hat, sunblock, water, a snack to see you through and LOADS of enthusiasm.

Happy snaps




by Lindie Kolver, January 2, 2019

POTY & DIOTY Competition and After-Party Images

by Lindie Kolver, December 12, 2018

HPG Christmas Lunch at LUSC in Laurieton 2018 – Photo Gallery

by Lindie Kolver, December 12, 2018

Re : Still Life Photography ( Composition is Key)

Find a link to an amazing article on the COMPOSITION of a Still Life Image : 


How to Apply Compositional Theory to Still Life Photography


Happy snaps over the next few weeks.

Remember : You are allowed to submit your Still Life Images into Open Colour as well as Mono…not only in Set Subject.





by Lindie Kolver, November 23, 2018

Still Life examples you can try in December for submission in Open Colour in February

A Dropbox -link for your convenience

You are allowed to enter any Still Life-images in both the Open Colour  and Mono Category for February if

you have not gotten around to doing much yet for the January Competition Set Subject which closes on Wednesday 21/11/18

at 5pm

Happy Snaps !












by Lindie Kolver, November 20, 2018

Images that will change the way you see Boulders and Rocks (Set Subject for March, closing in February 2019)

Members :

Herewith a link to the Viewbug-Portfolio.

Feast your eyes and let your imagination run free !


Happy Snaps !



by Lindie Kolver, November 20, 2018